Warranty conditions

Warranty period set by the manufacturer for all kinds of products, except for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), automatic voltage regulators (AVR) and batteries, is 12 months from the date of purchase. Warranty period for UPS and AVR is 24 months, for batteries is 6 months from the date of purchase.

1. The warranty is valid only at presence of cash or commodity check and if the warranty card has been completed correctly and it contains such details: model name, serial number (if it is foreseen by the producer), date of purchase, signature of the Buyer and stamp of the Seller.

2. Serial number (if it is foreseen by the producer) and model name of the product should correspond to those specified in the warranty card.

3. Warranty repair is carried out within warranty period specified in the warranty card by authorized service centers only (ASC).

4. Warranty for the product expires, if:

a) instructions given in User’s Manual are not observed;

b) there are signs of outside interference or obvious attempt of product’s repair by unauthorized service center;

c) there are found unauthorized modifications of construction or electric circuit diagram of the product (except for cases stipulated in User’s Manual);

d) product designed for personal (household) needs has been used for profit extraction, production needs, or other purposes which do not correspond to its intended application.

5. Warranty does not cover the following:

a) mechanical damages or damages due to improper transportation or storage;

b) damages caused by presence of foreign objects, substances, liquids or insects inside the product;

c) damages caused by natural calamities, fire, household factors, accidental

external factors;

d) damages caused by non-correspondence of parameters of power supply,

telecommunications and cabling networks to State standards and other external factors;

e) damages caused by using non-standard consumables, adapters and spare


6. Warranty does not cover consumables.

7. TM REAL-EL does not assume responsibility for possible damages/injuries directly or indirectly sustained by TM REAL-EL products to people, domestic animals or property, if such damage/injury has been suffered as a result

of non-compliance with rules or conditions of operation of the product or its installation, deliberate or incautious actions of a user or third persons.

If any problems occur during operation of the product, we strongly recommend to address service centers authorized by the manufacturer of TM REAL-EL products only, addresses and phone numbers of which are found at www.real-el.com.

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