Wireless stereo headphones with a microphone REAL-EL GD-828 are designed for operation with compatible systems (PC, notebooks and other mobile devices, on condition that they support Bluetooth technology) by data transmission via Bluetooth protocol. This enables to connect wireless headphones to compatible devises.


REAL-EL X-737 portable speaker system with many functions! Take it and have fun with your friends on your party!


REAL-EL S-2030 Multimedia Speaker System (MSS) is designed to play music and sound games, movies, etc. The MSS enabling to connect to virtual to any audio source without using an additional power amplifier. The MSS has a built-in, Bluetooth module and audio files player USB flash.


Reliable Power with the REAL-EL RT-55 Battery! This AGM lead-acid battery has features to ensure reliable performance in a different conditions. Hermetically sealed construction and no outgassing make it safe. The reduced self-discharge current allows you to save energy for a long time, even if the battery is not in use. Battery overpressure protection and high performance lead-calcium electrode grids ensure stable and reliable performance. In addition, this rechargeable battery is maintenance-free, making it convenient and easy to use. Use the REAL-EL RT-55 for UPS, telecom, power grid, medical, emergency lighting and security. Trust Quality and Reliability with the REAL-EL RT-55 Battery.

STAB WM-10000

The REAL-EL STAB WM-10000 automatic voltage regulator is designed for providing various equipment with high-quality stable electric power supply in conditions of significant and continuous deviations of mains voltage and protecting consumers-devices against overload and influence of high frequency interferences.


The REAL-EL X-703 portable radio is the perfect companion for home and work. In addition to the fact that you can take your favorite FM radio stations with you anywhere, the receiver model has a lot of modern options: wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth, playback from USB-flash and microSD card media, AUX input. The built-in battery will provide a very long operating time.


REAL-EL X-731 portable speaker system with many functions! Take it and have fun with your friends on your party!


The REAL-EL RESERVE-1000 line-interactive UPS of continuous action with long backup time for external batteries is designed to operate with lead-acid maintenance-free 12 V batteries of AGM type. Principle of their operation is based on the transformation of direct current of external batteries to alternating current. Current waveform at the output is the regular sinusoidal wave.

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