REAL-EL M-350 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (MSS) is designed to play music and sound games, movies, etc. The MSS tnabling to connect to virtual to any audio source (CD/DVD-player, TV, phone, PC, etc.) without using an additional power amplifier. The MSS has a built-in FM radio, Bluetooth module and audio files player USB flash, SD card.

RM-307 Wireless

Power efficient wireless technology enables REAL-EL RM-307 Wireless optical mouse to operate practically on any surface. It has the following features: 5 + 1 buttons, stylish ergonomic design, scroll wheel, 1600 dpi resolution, USB interface, long life battery-fed operation.


REAL-EL GD-012 Stereo Headsets with microphone are designed to work with all compatible audio sources with wired connectivity via a 3,5 mm mini jack.


REAL-EL GD-880 wireless stereo headphones with microphone are designed for operation with mobile devices and other compatible systems by data transmission via Bluetooth protocol.

MFI PD USB Type C - Lightning TPE

REAL-EL MFI PD USB Type C - Lightning TPE cable is designed to connect digital devices for charging and transmitting information. Cable is MFI certified and made according to "MFi Licensed Accessories" standard. This standard (Made For iPhone, iPad, iPod) was developed by Apple and uses the original Apple chip, which guarantees the correct functioning of the cable throughout its entire service life with the latest versions of operating systems. The cable REAL-EL MFI PD USB Type C - Lightning TPE is made from high quality materials, the insulation is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which combines the high-grade material with the minimum insulation thickness and high flexibility, in addition, this cable insulation is fire resistant and has an extended operating temperature range of the environment. The original chip will ensure safe and reliable operation.


The REAL-EL CE-150 (Type C-Ethernet adapter) is designed for use with all devices that can be connected via Type C port and support all necessary data transfer protocols.


REAL-EL GDX-7780 gaming stereo headset with microphone provides playback of realistic and surround sound 7.1, which allows to feel full power of special effects and the full effect of presence in the game.


The REAL-EL CA-12 USB car charger is designed to power supply and charge batteries of portable devices (mobile telephones, smartphones, GPS navigators, MP3 players, pocket PCs, tablet PCs and other digital devices) through the cigarette lighter jack of the car on-board power system.

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