Multimedia Speaker System REAL-EL S-111 is an easy and reasonable solution for your computer sound. The MSS has a built-in amplifier, an audio cable and a signal cable enabling to connect it to virtually any audio source. The MSS is powered via a PC or laptop USB port or a 5V DC power supply by means of the integrated USB cable.


REAL-EL GDX-7620 stereo headphones with microphone provides a powerful realistic sound, creates a feeling of full immersion in the game. Compatible with Media players and PC.


REAL-EL CQ-415 is designed for use with all types of docking devices that can be connected via Type C port and support all necessary data transfer protocols.

Standard 504 Kit EN

Ergonomic design, standard layout, high-quality membrane, USB interface, comfort, optical mouse has 1200 dpi resolution, quiet and clear keystroke are the features of the REAL-EL Standard 504 Kit EN standard keyboard + mouse kit.


REAL-EL X-787 portable speaker system with many functions! Take it and have fun with your friends on your party!

Premium USB A - Type C Leather

REAL-EL Premium USB A - Type C Leather cable is designed to connect digital devices for charging and transmitting information.


REAL-EL M-580 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (MSS) is designed to play music and sound games, movies, etc. The MSS enabling to connect to virtual to any audio source (CD/DVD-player, TV, phone, PC, etc.) without using an additional power amplifier. The MSS has a built-in FM radio, Bluetooth module and audio files player USB flash, SD card.

Comfort 7001 Backlit

The REAL-EL Comfort 7001 Backlit multimedia keyboard has the following features: multicolor key backlit, 12 Fn shortcut buttons for Multimedia, Internet etc., suitable for gamers, Win lock function with LED indication, comfortable and soft keys.

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