Standard 504 EN

The REAL-EL Standard 504 EN keyboard is equipped with USB interface. The device is installed automatically after its plugging into a PC USB port. The keyboard high-quality membrane and quiet keystroke provide soft and smooth keystroke.


Type C multifunction docking station REAL-EL CQ-1000 is designed for use with all types of docking devices that can be connected via Type C port and support all necessary data transfer protocols.


REAL-EL GD-880 wireless stereo headphones with microphone are designed for operation with mobile devices and other compatible systems by data transmission via Bluetooth protocol.


REAL-EL GDX-7750 gaming stereo headset with microphone provides playback of realistic and surround sound 7.1, which allows to feel full power of special effects and the full effect of presence in the game.


REAL-EL X-757 portable speaker system with many functions! Take it and have fun with your friends on your party!


REAL-EL M-590 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (MSS) is designed to play music and sound games, movies, etc. The MSS enabling to connect to virtual to any audio source (CD/DVD-player, TV, phone, PC, etc.) without using an additional power amplifier. The MSS has a built-in FM radio, Bluetooth module and audio files player USB flash, SD card.


The REAL-EL CA-30 USB car charger is designed to power supply and charge batteries of portable devices (mobile telephones, smartphones, GPS navigators, MP3 players, pocket PCs, tablet PCs and other digital devices) through the cigarette lighter jack of the car on-board power system.

USB 2.0 Premium AM – Micro USB

The REAL-EL USB 2.0 Premium AM – Micro USB for devices connection using Micro USB.

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