The REAL-EL STAB ENERGY-1000 automatic voltage regulator is designed for providing various equipment with high-quality stable electric power supply in conditions of significant and continuous deviations of mains voltage and protecting consumer devices against overload, influence of high-frequency and impulse interferences.

USB 2.0 Premium AM – Micro USB

The REAL-EL USB 2.0 Premium AM – Micro USB for devices connection using Micro USB.

Standard 504 EN

The REAL-EL Standard 504 EN keyboard is equipped with USB interface. The device is installed automatically after its plugging into a PC USB port. The keyboard high-quality membrane and quiet keystroke provide soft and smooth keystroke.


REAL-EL CQ-700 is designed for use with all types of docking devices that can be connected via Type C port and support all necessary data transfer protocols.


REAL-EL GDX-7680 stereo headphones with microphone provides a powerful realistic sound, creates a feeling of full immersion in the game. Compatible with Media players and PC.

Premium USB Type C - Type C Rainbow

REAL-EL Premium USB Type C - Type C Rainbow cable is designed to connect digital devices for charging and transmitting information.


REAL-EL GD-880 wireless stereo headphones with microphone are designed for operation with mobile devices and other compatible systems by data transmission via Bluetooth protocol.


The REAL-EL S-250 2.0 USB Multimedia Speaker System is an easy and reasonable solution for your computer sound. In addition, the REAL-EL S-250 is compatibility with notebooks, mobile devices and other sound sources.

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